I really am ready

I’m absolutely handy as well as have an expansive set of tools in my cabin workshop. I do all my own household service, service as well as upgrades. I’ve replaced the electrical wires throughout the house, replaced drains, repaired the oil furnace as well as installed a new water heater.  My fiance constantly worries I am going to hurt myself or create a safety hazard. Despite proving my abilities over as well as over, as well as the money both of us save from my efforts, she still suggests both of us call in professionals. With the amount licensed servicemen charge for an minutely rate, I’ve made it my mission to learn to officially complete these tasks.  I recently decided to do a little upkeep on our Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C duct system. There is an section where the ducts are exposed, as well as I noticed that the seams were start to come apart. This was wasting energy as well as costing us more in heating as well as cooling bills. I simply needed my fiance to hold the ladder while I fixed the seams as well as performed a little cleaning. The ladder had been stored in an section of the basement that is respectfully quite moist.  I hadn’t realized that the ladder was in bad condition. I climbed up the ladder as well as it literally fell apart. I fell as well as landed on my back! Unfortunately, the heavy duct I’d been really working on came down with me. It bashed myself and others directly on my head! My fiance was absolutely hysterical. I simply needed a trip to the hospital for stitches as well as to get my ankle taped up. I was able to return cabin in a few minutes. My fiance was not happy when I finished the repairs on the air duct. If I’d left  the system torn apart, both of us wouldn’t have been able to run our air conditioner.

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