They all did what they could

We purchased our home about five years ago in a quiet suburban neighborhood. Once we were settled, we started to make plans to entertain. Our first gathering was for friends from work. The night of the event, the temperature outside had gotten quite cool. The oven had been on for over an hour, the fireplace was lit, and the main rooms had scented candles burning. The thermostat was set at seventy degrees. We were so busy getting things ready before our guests arrived that we forgot to turn the thermostat down to compensate for the oven, fire, candles, and  extra body heat. By the time everyone arrived, I started noticing that people were removing a layer of winter clothing. I realized that the house had gotten uncomfortably warm and rushed to turn the thermostat down by several degrees. We even had crack open a few windows. Lesson learned! We made a similar mistake with an opposite extreme when we entertained during an exceptionally hot summer. It was definitely too hot and humid to eat outside, so once our guests arrived Рthis time our neighborhood friends Рwe entertained inside of our nicely air conditioned home. But since so many people were crammed inside Рabout eighteen altogether Рthat the extra body heat made what had been a comfortable temperature more like a steam bath. Thanks to our modern HVAC system, our air conditioning system was able to handle the situation, as this, there were no extra layers of clothing to remove. Within about thirty or thirty five minutes, thankfully, our awesome air conditioner had made the temperature and humidity level comfortable.

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