What a nice space heater

I bought a house that was a bit out of my price range. In order to make the mortgage, I needed to rent out a room in it. This has been disaster after disaster. My first roommate I had to kick out because she was a slob. The second one left in the middle of our agreement to get married. This new roommate brought a dog with her. I did not want any animals in my house. She did not tell me she had a dog, it was just a horrible surprise. I needed the money so I now have a dog that sheds in three colors. The rugs, furniture and even the air has hair in it. The worst is that my poor HVAC system is always clogged with hair. The air filter is made for catching dust, not pounds of dog fur. I used to change the air conditioning filter every month. Every two weeks I need to replace it. I also need to clean the inner workings of the heating and air system once a month due to the hair. If I did not do this, the HVAC unit would have to work harder to get through the hair. It could overheat and then shut down. Also, my air quality would be very affected if I allowed the hair to stay in my machine. I am actively looking for someone new. I can’t stand the girl and her stupid dog. Our agreement did not come with an animal. So I won’t feel bad when I do kick her out of my house.

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