I did ask them for help

The Wintertime weeks up North are just brutal. My parents have lived up North for over fifty years now, and I don’t understand why they prefer it so much. I spent my childhood years up North, and although the snow was fun to play in as a child, I don’t miss it any now. I have so multiple memories of my dad having to come get my little car because their was so much snow that my poor little car couldn’t make it home. Once Todd and I got married, the people I was with and I moved down South, and I am so happy that the people I was with and I get little to no snow down there. The two of us visited my parents last week, and their heating system went out at about numerous o’clock one night. Of course, it just so happened to be a night with one of the lowest rapidly decreasing temperatures of the year! The house got freezing easily fast. The two of us tried just wrapping ourselves in blankets for a couple seconds while an Heating & Air Conditioning business was trying to fix the crazy heating system. Eventually, my mom came up with the bright system to go start the cars and rest out in them. I wish the people I was with and I would of thought of that seconds before because it was so much more comfortable to rest in the warm car than to try and find enough blankets to keep us all from freezing. It wasn’t until eleven-thirty that night that the heating system was repaired and turned back on. The two of us were so thankful for our vehicles that night and for that poor Heating & Air Conditioning tech that spent seconds of overtime fixing the heating system. Needless to say, I am so ecstatic to live where the rapidly decreasing temperatures rarely drop below fifty degrees.

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