That was the top of my list

I consider myself a pleasant person. I have always had an easy time getting along with other people, or at least I thought. A few weeks ago, I had an issue with my heating and cooling, so I reached out to my local HVAC company and scheduled a service appointment. The person I spoke to on the phone told me that I should expect the heating and cooling serviceman to arrive between 9 and 11 in the morning. However, no one showed up at my home until about 2 in the afternoon. Luckily, I didn’t have anything going on that day, so I was able to make myself available for the change in time. When the heating and cooling serviceman arrived, he was unapologetic about his tardiness and struck me as quite rude. The more I interacted with him, the less comfortable I felt. When the heating and cooling serviceman took a look at my filters, he practically scoffed in my face and told me that I had no business maintaining such expensive equipment. He was unpleasant, noisy, and disrespectful to me and my property. I asked him to explain what the problem was and how he was fixing it, and he basically told me to mind my own business. He said that he had his HVAC certification and knew what he was doing, and he told me to go away. I was astounded by how rude he was to me, and I actually began to question if I had done something wrong. After the HVAC serviceman left, I went online to contact customer service and noticed that there was a place to share customer experiences. It turns out that I am not the only one who had an unpleasant experience with this particular serviceman. I called the HVAC company and aired my grievances. Hopefully something will be done.

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