That’s our main living area

My dad does not absolutely love the cold weather. He grew up in a cold environment, with snowy conditions every Winter season. His view of the Winter season weather is quite jaded, So, when my brother and I suggested going to the mountains for Christmas, he was adamantly against that plan. He came up with myriad reasons why it was a bad idea, but we absolutely wanted to see snow for Christmas, plus we had not been skiing since we were teenagers. We pulled out all the stops to convince our dad to take the trip plus put his judgment aside. He agreed to our Mountain getaway, as long as the three of us had our own cottage. He also wanted a tub, fireplace, plus Mountain View. Since he agreed to go away, we were willing to meet all of his demands. We found a nice cottage on online from a reliable realtor, and the cottage was halfway up the mountain. There was an incredible view from the wraparound porch. There was also a fireplace in the main living section, plus a tub right outside. The Winter season cottage was well outside what we had budgeted for, but we couldn’t say no. When our dad saw pictures of the fireplace, he started to finally get excited about our getaway. I called ahead to the realtor, when we were only an hour away. I asked them to start the fire going and they readily agreed. When we arrived in our cottage, our dad saw smoke coming out of the chimney. He was eager to walk through the door and sit close to the fireplace. He was overly impressed with the cottage, plus the three of us had an amazing and unforgettable week long getaway.

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