Home contractor knows best about heating

After my husband and I got married, we began to plan for our new home.  We told each other that once the wedding was over, we were going to start planning our home.  We had done our own blueprints and we were going to take the blueprints to the local printer and then to one of the local contractors.  We had heard of a local who was excellent at building homes, so we contacted him. The first thing he was asking was what kind of HvAC system we were planning on having.  We had several options, but nothing sounded like it would be what we wanted. He suggested we get a boiler system. With a boiler, we wouldn’t need any ductwork. There would be less dust and the maintenance would be practically non existent.  There weren’t any air filters with a boiler, so that saved a bit of money,, also. We knew that a boiler was one of the most efficient heating systems there was, so we had already put a boiler on our wish list. We asked about radiant heated flooring and he said it was a good choice, but not one he would make.  While the radiant heated flooring would be great for a bathroom, it could make it too hot in a bedroom or any other room. He told us that there was no escaping the heating with radiant heating. If you liked a cool bed, you were out of luck, and he would never even consider radiant heating in the kitchen. We valued his input, and we went with the boiler system and baseboard heaters in every room but the bathrooms and they were getting radiant heated floors.

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