Making a career

When I was younger, we got married if we got pregnant.  I know that isn’t how it is today, but it was common to see young people getting married, and then splitting because they didn’t like each other.  I think that is why the divorce rate was so high for our generation. I am very glad that I had my baby, and being married at seventeen, just helped me to mature.  It didn’t help my ex-husband because he resented the fact that he was no longer able to date. Where I went on to college and got a career, he started drinking. I hadn’t seen him in years until I ran into him a couple weeks ago, and I didn’t recognize him.  For the first time since I met him, he looked happy. He told me that he had quit drinking and he was now married. He met his wife while working on a job. He had gone to HVAC school and received his certification about two years after he left me. He now had his own HVAC company and he was doing well.  I told him about our daughter and how she was, and that she had her own family. I even showed him pictures, which made him cry. He told me that she was his own regret. He may want to get to know his grandchildren and I think that would be nice. I am glad he is a successful HVAC contractor. He deserves to have a good life.  Who knows, I may need a furnace or AC unit fixed in the future, and it could be his HVAC company that I need to call.