Temperature zones in the hospital

It always amazes the difference in temperatures from one area of a hospital to another.  It seems like there is a reason for me to go into the hospital, at least once a month. It isn’t just for me, but for members of my family, too.  Today, my husband had his annual physical. I understand that there is a need for a breezeway before getting into the hospital. It takes most of frigid cold from outside and slightly neutralizes it with a sudden blast of intense heat.  Then you get into the main lobby and the heating isn’t as intense, but everyone is now walking around with a sweater. Is it any wonder, since the ceilings are so high in that area, that all of the heating must be up there. Then you head to the office of the doctor you are going to see.  Walking into the waiting room, it is so comfortable that you get lulled into relaxing. I’m not sure what temperature the thermostat is, but no one is anxious. After the waiting room, you go get weighed, and your blood pressure begins to rise as you look at the scale. You begin to sweat and you feel the heat hitting your face.  In the office, they have you unrobe and now you are so cold that you have goose bumps. It seems they must have the air conditioning on until the handsome young doctor comes in. Then your natural heating source flames to life as you realize how old you are and this guy is younger than your son.

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