Turn up the AC and party

When I first went to college, all I could think of was the freedom to run and  not having my parents breathing down my neck. I didn’t realize the house mother in our dorm, was going to be worse than my parents.  We couldn’t even adjust a thermostat without her telling us that it was her job to regulate the air conditioner. We were in a dusty old dorm where the air conditioning barely worked.  She kept telling us we were here to learn and not to have fun, so we had to study. I don’t remember anyone in our part of the dorm, that had any fun. There were a couple of brave girls who would sneak out to see their boyfriends, but somehow, she would always find out.  I’m not sure who ratted them out, but someone did. One weekend,, the party came to us. Mrs. Brecht, the dorm mother, had gone away for the evening. She told us that there was someone else on the way, to watch over us. Unfortunate for Mrs. Brecht, but fortunate for us, the replacement never showed up.  We thought it was going to be a crazy evening. We had the air conditioning high and the music was loud. We were in the common area with our friends, just laughing, dancing and having a great time. When Mrs. Brecht came home, I saw her smile as she tried to go through unnoticed. We didn’t have any boys there, but we were having an amazing time.  The AC was blasting when she went through, but she never changed the thermostat. I think she did this on purpose so we could have a small break, and I planned on thanking her.

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