Ventilation for the drive in movies

I really and truly love my wonderful wife. She is a sincere individual, and she has the best sense of humor. She is also very organized, and she remembers everything. We decided to go to the drive-in movie theater last Wednesday. They were showing a movie that my wife and I waited months to see. It was really good, so it was well worth the wait. When we arrived at the theater, it was warm, muggy, and very humid outside. I hoped the temperatures would drop, once the sun set. My wife and I tried to watch the movie with the windows down, but the warm air was stagnant and stifling. We tried to watch the movie with the truck turned on and the air conditioner running, but people complained about our lights. I really thought we could run the air conditioner, so I was very disappointed. My wife who thinks of everything, had the perfect solution to our problem. She brought a small ventilation fan from the camping equipment. We have an outlet in the front of our truck, and we used the outlet to power the ventilation fan. We used the auxiliary power, so there were no lights on inside of the truck. The ventilation fan provided plenty of cool air, and we didn’t miss the air conditioner for a minute. My wife really thought of everything, and she had the answer to our dilemma. I don’t know how she does it everytime, but I’m always mystified. Between the ventilation fan, my favorite movie snacks, and a great movie, it was the perfect date night.

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