A/C on a budget

When I first moved out, I didn’t have a whole lot of money.

  • I got the best place that I could afford, but there was one major problem.

The apartment did not have air conditioning. I bought a few fans for the apartment, but they hardly made any difference at all. I left the windows open at night to circulate fresh air as much as possible. That summer was the hottest summer of my life! I was constantly sweating and feeling uncomfortable in my own apartment. At the end of that summer, I vowed to save up the money for window air conditioner units. For the following three summers, I relied on this set of battered window air conditioner units that I found at a garage sale. They were nothing special, but I cleaned them up and got them working like new. I had the perfect systems to minimize my energy usage while also keeping a clean apartment. It may not have been a top of the line central air conditioning system, but it was enough for me and it worked with my budget. I look back on those days fondly, but I am happy that I no longer need to hunt for used air conditioning units. When I moved into my new house, the first thing I looked for was an up to date heating and cooling system. I figured that I was past the point of struggling in the heating and cooling department. I ended up opting for a home that had a split duct central air system. It’s easy to control, and it splits my house up into several zones. While I want top of the line equipment, I still want to be able to conserve energy where I can. It feels good to see how far I’ve come. It feels even better to have central air!

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