Dinner with my cousin’s family

I have a cousin who happens to be Amish.

When his family invited my family over for dinner on the one occasion, I was delighted to accept the invitation. When my family and I were heading over to their household, my kids were asking a bunch of questions. They wanted to know if they used electricity or had any modern day conveniences like HVAC systems. I told them that I didn’t think they were allowed to use electricity. When we got to their home, it was a pretty hot day so we were all nervous about the rule with using no electricity for most Amish people. When we got in their home though, we smelled the delicious food cooking, and we also felt nice and cool inside the place. I was surprised because the air quality was perfect in their home. When I asked my cousin about his religious beliefs, he said that they follow all the core beliefs, but they still use electricity for the purpose of being comfortable in their home and for a few other things. He said there was no way they would go without a proper heating or cooling system even though they were Amish. Of course, their use of electricity was still very limited, but they had certain comforts which was really great. We had a marvelous dinner and my children got along with their children perfectly. After having such a nice dinner with my cousin and his family, we talked about getting together again soon. My wife said it would be great if they could come over to our place next time, and everybody loved the sound of that!

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