He’ll either be an auto mechanic or an HVAC technician

Our child was really struggling with reading in school. He is in the second grade, but he says that reading is just dull and boring. So I knew that we needed to find him books that he would really like. When I was talking with him about things that he loved, he said how he really loved cars and machinery. When I asked more about the machinery, he was saying he loved things like the heating and cooling system. He was fascinated with how the machine works and how it is able to keep the perfect temperature in the household. I was amazed that our son was interested in things like that, so I picked him up some books about HVAC technology and got him some books about cars. I also got him a bunch of magazines like that which he would probably like. When I gave him the books and magazines, he really lit up! It was great because he was really motivated to read every word in those books and magazines because it was about things that he loved and wanted to learn more about. When I talked to him about things later, he said that he guessed reading wasn’t dull and boring if you are reading about things that you are actually interested in. I was glad that he could see this and I was telling him how important it is to be a good reader and writer. He agreed and thanked me for the HVAC and car books. I thought at this rate, he was either going to be a gifted auto mechanic or a talented HVAC technician!


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