I blame Netflix

One thing that I am proud of myself for was making the choice to get rid of my Netflix account and also my gym membership! This might seem crazy to some people, but these things were a real problem in my life.

  • First of all, my gym wasn’t even that great anyway.

They cranked the cooling system up too high and it was nearly impossible to enjoy a good workout while you were on the brink of freezing to death. Netflix was also a big problem for me because I felt like I always had to watch a bunch of movies and shows, and this would make it so I didn’t have time to really enjoy the other fine things in life. So when I ditched my gym membership, I decided to invest in some quality workout equipment in my own home. I have a Total Gym so that I can do a majority of my workouts on there. I have a treadmill and I have a stationary bike! I also have a nice stereo system hooked up so that I can crank up my own music. I also have a nice climate control system with HVAC zone control! Because I have a smart thermostat, I can be working out and adjust the temperature control as needed. If I’m feeling a little overheated, no sweat, a few taps and I have the A/C working strong! I also have so much more time for friends and family these days which is great. People tell me they never would see me much, and I just blame the Netflix for that!

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