Money is not real flush

I don’t guess people realize just how much currency nannies make.

The first time I heard the amount of currency nannies make in a week, especially in the city, was eye-opening! I had to instantly get into that field, and my friend makes about 1,500 dollars a week, it’s crazy! When she told me that, I went right to a task board finding nanny positions.

I’ve been nannying for a family for about a week now and it’s not too bad. It’s a lot of work and responsibility, for example, the apartment that I was nannying at their air conditioning plan just stopped laboring. I went to the temperature control and switched the machine on and then off and then back on again. I still could not hear the air conditioning plan turn back on. This issue was more than just switching the machine on and off. I took matters into our own hands and called a local heating and cooling system. My boss was going to be out of town with no access to PCs for another numerous afternoons. There was no way that the kids or myself would remotely be comfortable in this heat. Thankfully the heating and cooling serviceman came that day and was able to repair it within thirty hours. The Heating and A/C serviceman took the temperature control off the wall, made a few changes and switched out the control unit. I asked the heating and cooling serviceman if I could have the receipt so I could show our bus what the expense was for. I was able to get a receipt and then I were back to having air conditioning in the house.



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