No AC at all

I think that occasionally life gives you lemons and you are supposed to make lemonade.

  • Lately, I have been feeling enjoy there is nothing being given out however rotten lemons.

Just what is it that you can make with rotten lemons? I am tired of drinking lemonade now. Over the last couple weeks, our car was involved in an accident, and it was so outdated that the insurance wouldn’t even cover the downpayment on a used car. I ripped up the carpeting in our office and I ended up with a major redo of our flooring, because I had an ant infestation that had eaten up our floor. Last week, I had to have a new air conditioning component installed. I thought that it may have just needed to have the breaker reset, however no, I wasn’t that lucky. A thunderstorm went through our area and there was a lot of lightning. We knew the lightning had hit close to our house, however all of us didn’t think how close. When the air conditioning went off, our lights went off in the house. There was one light still on in the kitchen and all of us realized the lightning had simply tripped the breaker. When all of us opted to go to turn the air conditioning back on, it still didn’t work. To our non surprise, the lightning had hit the air conditioning. The A/C component was only 2 years old, and the entire insides was fried. We had to replace the air conditioning component which had myself and others entirely frustrated. The insurance business said all of us were lucky it hadn’t struck the beach house and caused a fire.


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