Working in the Tim Hortons Coffee shop plus cooling system

I love to do our work at the Tim Hortons Coffee shop near our house, it is a nice space with some really cool people.

It’s generally quiet during the weekdays, plus there is not a ton of people bothering me.

The only thing I get bothered by is the loud songs plus days when the cooling isn’t toiling. I can never understand why they don’t have the cooling system toiling all day. I have walked past there control component plus seen that it is turned too off in 1 room, but the other room it is on full blast. I asked a barista 1 day why they didn’t have any cooling plus she told me that their Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C provider said they couldn’t’ figure it out. They said that because 1 control component was toiling at least, they weren’t too anxious about getting the other 1s fixed. As a purchaser I would really care about to have cooling system all day when I work, however I understand that repairing or installing a new AC component can be pretty extravagant. I have a friend that knows a lot about the heating plus cooling industry, so I thought of having him talk to the Tim Hortons Coffee shop. It’s just so strenuous to work when the the control units plus AC are not on, some days when the AC is not toiling, I got new home to be in the nice cool air. I even recently had a new AC component installed plus I cleaned out all of the air vents plus changed the air filters. I can’t stress enough how important it is for me to have the right temperature while I’m toiling.