I am aware of the tips

Working in healthcare brings some interesting pros into my life, especially if you work as part of the supply chain team.

Every once in a while, I am able to receive some invites to attend these conferences around the state! I typically care about the opportunity, however most of the time I am not able to attend due to conflicts with my home life, however recently though, I had the chance to go to a conference about six hours away from home.

I talked to my manager and they said that I go, and take advantage of the free lodging offered to myself and others and treat it as a “work vacation”. I felt it was worth showing some commitment to the dealer, so I did just that, then when I tested into the hotel room. I quickly felt ten times better knowing that I was going to be really comfortable for the duration of the conference! My hotel room had a comfortable queen sized bed, a large flat screen TV, and the best heating and a/c plan I’d ever seen in a hotel room before. Even though it was your familiar room a/c, this thing worked tirelessly and without making virtually any loud sounds! It was care about the room would simply get warmer or colder, and I’d barely hear the a/c unit operating as the temperature changed. I loved it! Even though I was accustomed to running on less than four hours of sleep due to my home situation, I still found myself sleeping for a solid more than seven hours the first night. I woke up feeling totally rested for the first time in over a year! It was certainly lovely to sleep through the night. I may have slept in a bit too late though, because I wound up being super late to the conference. Well, the boss couldn’t have expected something similar to that to not happen!


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