Smoking and ventilation

I hope you never start doing it, because trying to quit smoking sucks just as bad as everyone says it does.

I have been told more than once that giving up a heroin addiction is easier than quitting the cancer sticks, and even though I’ve never sampled heroin I would tend to agree with this statement.

The physical addiction is bad, debilitating at times even, but it’s the mental factor that makes it a lot worse. Even after you are done and quit, catching a whiff of smoke in the air will make you hungry to start smoking again. For this reason I strongly encourage ex-smokers in invest in a good air purification system, or at the very least a high quality air filter. The normal air filters in HVAC system don’t catch nearly enough of the particulate matter in the air, especially when it comes to cigarette smoke. After you have quit smoking, that is when you will notice how terrible your indoor air quality is, because it still smells like cigarettes. The stale smoke is in your clothes, your drapes, your rugs and carpets, and running an air filter ir air purifier 24/7 is the bare minimum of what you need to do to get rid of it. Relying only on that to improve your air quality will take a little while, so you may want to deep clean the entire place. After that, leave the windows open for natural ventilation, and let all that clean, fresh air come in and sweep away at least a little bit of the smoky smell.

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