Air circulation

I don’t frighten easy, and unless there’s a big cockroach on the ground and abruptly racing towards my bare foot, it takes something pretty big and bad to get me scared, and while my partner cares about that I can be so brave.

I have to admit that there’s some situations I simply won’t put myself in willingly.

However one of those situations would be living in a house with terrible air ventilation. I can deal with a house that’s too warm or excessively cold, however a house with terrible airflow makes the air very stale and more challenging to breathe in. No air circulation means any gas or smell will linger in your house for far longer than usual! I can’t stand having bad smells that stick around, and smoky smells really bother me when I smell them indoors.Years ago, my wife and I woke up in our house and had trouble breathing… Right on cue, the carbon monoxide alarm that was attached to the HVAC system started going off, warning us of a major concentration of carbon monoxide in our home! It provided us both quite the scare, and even to this day I have trouble getting sleep if I notice even the most faint chemical smell, but fortunately, I think our house has clean, excellent air quality most days, as we use an air purification system that filters out trace amounts of airborne toxins to keep the air clean… We initially got it to help my partner, who was suffering from pollen irritations, however now we’re both reaping the rewards of using this air purifier in our home.


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