Cheap furniture not as cheap as you think

Growing up poor, I was raised to save money wherever it could be saved.

We clipped coupons every sunday, we recycled back when you could get money for glass bottles and before you just had to do it by order of law.

Every time we could cut a corner or save a few bucks, we did, and this helped us to make ends meet. I still have a lot of those same tendencies now, even though my wife and I make a very good living between us. I don’t clip coupons any more, but I still bargain shop whenever I go to the store. Except when it comes to furniture, because my wife and I learned a very valuable lesson about getting what you pay for. Right after we moved in together we threw in to buy new furniture for our bedroom, and although it wasn’t a glamorous bedroom set it was a good price. Within two months we had a broken bed, and this so-called glamorous bedroom set turned out to be anything but. Yes I had saved some money up front on the furniture, but now we needed to move it out and go buy a whole new set, so that wasn’t really a saving in the long run. When it comes to furniture, I now firmly believe that buying a higher quality ends up being a better deal. That doesn’t mean that all expensive furniture is going to last a long time, it varies by the maker I suppose. But buying cheap furniture is definitely not as cheap as you think.