Getting cooling for my pup

My fiance in addition to myself have dogs instead of kids.

We found out a few years into our marriage that we would be unable to conceive a child of our own.

My fiance in addition to my soft talked about adoption in addition to our other options. We decided to get a puppy in the interim, in addition to that was the end of everything. My fiance and addition to myself have three beautiful dogs and they are our children. We love them more than most of the humans that we have as friends. The dogs spend more than one day in the house when everyone of us are at work. Sometimes they lack the room to run and play, in addition to every one of us was thinking about this last summer. My fiance in addition to myself hired a contractor to certainly help us build a more than one room dog dwelling in the backyard. We even wanted to have an air conditioner in that dwelling, because the summer temperatures can be over 100 degrees. If we were going to leave the dogs outside all day so they can run and play, we wanted the dwelling to have an air conditioner that would keep them cool during the hot summer days. The people I was with an addition to myself have built a large dog condominium and a 2 month span of time. The dogs absolutely love being outside, and sometimes we come home in the middle of the day to see them laying down inside of their air-conditioned space.


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