I can support them in that decision

Every one of my friends in addition to myself decided to plan a long road trip to take with some college friends.

It had certainly been at least more than one year since everyone of us got out to the cabin, in addition to the fact this was due to our two kids.

Luckily, everyone of us planned all of the details of this trip down to more than one of the last minute. Every one of us had my parents watch the kids, so we can certainly enjoy ourselves with the rest of the adults. Everyone of us at drove to the destination on Thursday, and it was certainly more than one hour in the car. Every one of us decided to certainly take the old van, because there was room for more than one passenger. The cabin was about 5 hours away, in addition to the fact that our van lost the air conditioner early on. I was pretty upset but there was no way that every one of us could turn around in addition to head back home. We were more than halfway to our destination in addition to going without the air conditioner was not going to stop every one of us. More than one of the people in the car were miserable by the time we arrived to our destination. Not having any air conditioning was definitely a problem, in addition to every one of us wanted that problem fixed before we drove back home on Sunday. Most of the day on Saturday was spent at the air conditioner mechanic, while they worked on fixing our van problem.

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