Working In The Oil Fields

I work in an oil pumping field.

I’m sure you are thinking that oil field working is quite an odd profession these days. I think so as well, but it is a job I have been doing for the last 15 years or so. I’m happy in it. However, when I have to work in the summer time months, it gets a bit rough. The heat outside, and especially in those oil pumping fields gets really bad. There is no way to be able to escape the heat and get into some quality air conditioning. They do have air conditioning of course in the main building. But, the only time any of us get to be in the air conditioning is when we are on our lunch break, and when we clock in and out. When I get home at night during the summer time months, all I want is to take in my own central air conditioning system. My own central air conditioning system is pretty high class. It has all the up to date things you can think of. And it also has an air purification system in the air conditioning unit. The thermostat I have is one of those smart thermostats. So you can bet for sure, that on my way home from work, I always turn on that smart thermostat ahead of time by an hour or so. Once the hot summer months are over, the air conditioning is of course no longer needed. This makes going to work in those oil fields a lot easier!