Custom built island on wheels is super convenient

My husband, Mark, and I are remodeling our dining room.

We want the dining room to have all super modern furniture and look sleek but welcoming.

We hired everything custom built by a custom furniture maker. The wooden chairs and matching table were all hand crafted. The shelves were all built to the exact size of the space and fixed seamlessly into the wall. My favorite feature that was custom built is the dining room island. Mark and I had figured out the exact size we needed. We also wanted the island to be able to move. A chain furniture store does not offer that speciality. The custom furniture shop has a girl that turns our vision into a design. We talked to her about the type of wood for the island and style of top. Mark and I wanted it to be set on wheels so we can roll the island around to wherever we need it most! For parties, it is so nice to have the island more from kitchen to table. When we have the grandkids over for dinner, the island moves out of the way so they have room to play. For cooking, it can serve as extra counter space. The custom furniture shop was wonderful with our unusual request. The girl who created the island provided an end result that is perfect. Mark and I prefer this custom built piece to something generic. It was a significant investment. However, the island is the best feature of the dining room and worth every penny. Preparing food, having people over and just eating dinner in the dining room is much easier. The island is the focal piece of the room.