Grand home theater for my home is perfect for a movie lover

It is way better than any home or new theater in town

I am a lover of film. I have my own darkroom and camera. I make a pilgrimage to new and older theatres all the time. I have a vast movie collection and watch it all the time. Because I am obsessed with movies I have a grand home theater in my house. This is actually an interior design style for a home. Apparently a lot of people like the home movie theater look. I had an interior designer make the movie room look like an old showing room. I have large black curtains that block out sunlight. I have low to the ground chairs that are plush. There are also couches, ottomans and other cushioned furniture that all face a large TV screen. I even had a custom made shelves for my movies that can go along the walls of the room. I also had a custom built stand for under the TV to hide the cords and any remotes that I might need later on. The room looks super great. The interior designer had done the grand home theater style before. The room colors all are darker and blend together. The furniture is built right for the space and perfect for the height of my TV. I still go out to movies, but not as much. My home theater is designed and built to my exact needs. It is way better than any home or new theater in town. My movie watching has never been so comfortable, convenient and fun. My grand home theater was worth every single penny spent.



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