I work as a woodworker for a local custom furniture business

Woodworking was once just a hobby of mine.

I worked a normal office job five days a week.

I dressed in a shirt, tie and dress pants every workday. After I finished with work for the day, I would build wooden tables, chairs, bed frames and even picture frames. I would often sell my custom furniture pieces for a decent profit. I earned such a following that my pieces became in high demand. Then I got called by a custom furniture shop that wanted to hire me on as an employee. I quit my office job immediately and went to work for them. I have increased by list of pieces from just building tables, chairs and tables from various types of wood. I am now required to make furniture pieces to the exact specifications of the customer. I sometimes get requests for particular styles to match their decor. I occasionally make a piece that suits the rustic or traditional style of the room. Sometimes I craft a dining room table in a southwest style. When I worked in an office setting, I could not have come up with the different styles a home can have. Now I understand the difference between south western style and mediterranean beach style. I realize that cozy dollhouse is not a child’s toy, but an actual theme for a home. I have learned how to build pieces that fit the specific home style and size the customer needs. I like my work so much more now. I am able to work with my hands, at my own speed and feel proud of what I accomplish in a day. Nothing compares to making furniture.

Classic elegance