Our family business trip in Tampa FL was amazing

When my supplier decided to have our annual supplier picnic in Tampa, FL, I was pretty upset about this decision. After all, Tampa, FL, is not exactly a tourist spot. I was thinking that we would not have much fun in Tampa, plus I wasn’t the least bit gleeful about our picnic. The supplier paid for rooms for all of the employees plus their families, plus we were put up in a rather expensive, downtown Tampa hotel. The view was phenomenal, plus my wifey as well as I had a balcony overlooking Tampa Bay. In fact, the views inside the evening were absolutely breathtaking. Even our kids enjoyed swimming in the pool, which was situated right outside our room… During the day plus throughout the entire weekend, the supplier paid for numerous exciting family activities! We took an airboat ride through Tampa Bay on Friday afternoon, plus every one of us also had a very fancy three-course supper aboard a luxury yacht on Friday in the evening. The supplier also paid for everyone to go swimming with dolphins. On Saturday, the supplier paid for all of the employees to visit the Tampa Aquarium. I thought that Tampa would be such a disappointing destination for our supplier picnic, but I was entirely wrong. The supplier obviously thought out the plan in good detail, before deciding to go with Tampa as our destination. The careful thought, planning, plus attention to detail, shows that this supplier really appreciates their employees. I’m proud to be a pat of supplier like this. I don’t exactly know what could top this year’s activities, but I cannot wait to see what they plan the following year.


Bradenton Florida