Training for rehab programs

For ages now, I’ve felt as though I wanted to be an occupational therapist. Something about the job had me thinking that I would have worked with kids in a school, and helping them overcome physical disabilities. I would have given them exercises to give them more mobility too! I would have done one on one classes, as well as group classes with the students. I was all excited to do this and earn my degree, right up until I went to school to begin pursuing it. Was the university that provided the program extravagant? Absolutely, but that’s not why it didn’t work out! I simply didn’t care for it. I wanted to work with people who struggle, though I was getting stuck with kids that did not do the exercises, or complained about them the whole time! I started looking into physical training as an alternative, and wellness and rehab programs as well. In time, I learned that being a personal trainer for a crucial health and fitness center was still an option too. At the personal training center I could work in groups with adults, all of which were coming off of accidents or other injuries! I would do physical therapy with them, and also handle elderly folks that have lost muscle tone or want to pursue some kind of exercise regimen to stay active. I could even pick up classes of those who struggle with weight loss and want some superb exercises! What is best about this, is that an exercise science program is provided at the local community college! I could get this degree for half the amount of money, and do a task that I genuinely love more.


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