Trying to get our guy fit again after a long hiatus from the gym

My guy is a little chubby, though I admittedly love him for it.

Still, when both of us first started dating, he was slim and in solid shape! Now, the years has pushed him to put on a few extra pounds, and his muscle tone has all but given up and withered away.

I am a work out fiend though, as I exercise everyday! Being active all the time, in and out of work, is what really helps me stay in motion. My guy on the other hand works genuinely online, and sits down for every activity of his! I have pushed going for runs, or pursuing a work out class, but nothing can really keep his interest for long. I can’t get him to do anything at all! I am so desperate to get him active that I am looking at a personal training center! This new gym in our town doesn’t just leave you to your own devices, as there is a personal trainer that works in single training sessions or in groups. I guess I am going to get a gift certificate to the gym for him, as I really want him to try both a group fitness training class and a private fitness training class! Surely one of the two options will help for him, as he needs some kind of motivation to keep him focused on the training regimen given by the personal trainer assigned to him. I think the personal trainer needs to be firm, fun and determined with him!


Personal Fitness Expert