Working with an interior designer and custom furniture guy for the best closet ever

My wife is obsessed with clothing, shoes and purses.

  • She has a lot of stuff that she uses and stores.

Before we had money, she just stored all her stuff in boxes. After I got a big promotion at work, I decided the best gift ever was to redo her closest and get everything out of the boxes. I called an interior designer to help me decide what to do with all her stuff. We ended up taking a serious chunk out of the bedroom wall for space. The interior designer worked with a custom furniture company and builder to make the closest the way I needed it to be. There was shelving units constructed within the walls. There were shelves that were on a rotation system. It was almost like a kitchen lazy Susan. The shelves for shoes could be turned to showcase all different kinds. The purses were on hooks all over the walk in closest. The interior designer even put in a large ottomon looking thing for my wife to sit on when she puts on her shoes. There is also a large mirror built into the closest so she can see herself. It looks like a millionaire’s trophy wife’s closet. It is that good. The custom furniture guy really did a good job building the right size of shelf for each clothing and accessory item. He had the wooden rotating shelves so that nothing grinds against each other. I will admit too, the interior designer did a great job at making the room have a nice theme that matches the rest of the house.

Classic elegance