My new furnace is awesome

For a long time I wanted to grow my hair out; Well now that I have it, I hate it, my wifey likes my long hair as well as doesn’t want me to split it, i sort of want to take trimmers to my hair as well as buzz it all off, not only is it hot, however I shed everywhere! The shower drain is constantly getting blocked with my hair.

I need to scrub the drain every other day as well as snake down it once a week.

The floors are constantly swept as well as mopped to get rid of my stray hair. Nothing is safe from my shedding. The bedsheets, my clothes as well as even scrub laundry comes back with my hair in it. The worst is how my hair affects the Heating as well as A/C. The air filter needs to be changed every 2-3 weeks rather than 1-2 months… Also, I frequently scrub the inside of it to get rid of any hair that might have made it past the furnace filter! Doesn’t matter though, the hair is tricky. Anytime I turn on my heating device, it smells love burnt hair. The hair got deep in the oil furnace as well as now it burns when the two of us heat the house. The smell is just horrible as well as does not go away, and so the two of us either freeze to death or are a perfect temperature with odory air quality. My wifey says the two of us can just get ductlabor cleaning as well as professional heating service. After that, the smell will be gone. It will happen again though since my hair constantly falls out. If I had short hair, none of these things would be problems.

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