Heating system in dire need of repair

When my old electric furnace began to act out of character, I wasn’t sure how to respond or even try to address the issue.

The electric furnace, like any other heating system on this planet, was something I had very little familiarity with.

I used to think that the electric furnace generated heat by conducting electricity at a fast rate! Yes, that’s how ill-informed I was back then. Now of course, I know differently – but the problems that plague my electric furnace are beyond my knowledge. For several weeks, the furnace would turn on, but cause the house to smell like a truck tire that had been partially melted. I don’t know how else to describe it, other than having this distinct odor any time the system turned on. Over the past weeks, the smell would get worse, and last for a longer period of time whenever the furnace cycled on. Eventually, it made the whole house smell like burning rubber, which I hated at that point! Finally I decided to call a professional heating and A/C repair technician. It was obvious that something was fundamentally wrong with the system, but I just didn’t know what that was. When the HVAC repair technician finally showed up at my home, he checked out the furnace thoroughly for about an hour. Ultimately, his diagnosis was that the burners inside the furnace were burning too hot. His solution? Clean the burners. That’s really it! I couldn’t believe the fix was so simple, but there was no way I would figure that out on my own.
a/c serviceman