My time in college led me to the HVAC industry

Prior to earning my four-year degree, I began working as a heating, ventilation and air conditioning repair technician. That feels like a lifetime ago now, as I was working on people’s HVAC systems almost twenty years ago. Back then, many of the special heating and air conditioning systems didn’t exist – or they just were in a very primitive state compared to now. For example, there was the conventional room air conditioner instead of a ductless mini-split A/C system. The room air conditioner was literally built into the wall, while the ductless mini-split systems you see today are not quite as invasive! Another great example would be in how far portable heating has come. Our ancestors relied on gas heating lamps for a little extra warmth on cold winter nights. When I was working on my degree and working outside of class on service calls, I was constantly asked to “fix” people’s portable space heaters. The portable space heaters from decades past are so dangerous compared to what’s out there today! In our modern age, portable space heaters have specially designed failsafe mechanisms, and other devices that prevent the portable space heater from becoming too hot. In fact, most modern space heaters will completely shut off instead of running even one degree over the safe limit. I love working on heating and A/C equipment today – it’s all so complex, intricate, and infinitely more efficient than it was back then!


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