Taking care of your pet and your HVAC system have more in common than you think

Who doesn’t love having a furry companion? Dogs, cats, and other pets can be a delight to own.

These cute and cuddly creatures love us unconditionally, and they’re always excited when we come home! They are certainly morale boosters and stress relievers. Some of your best friendships will be with animals, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, they’re not always easy to take care of. You want to be responsible with your pet and take good care of them. They will love you all the more for it. Pets are wonderful, but did you know that they could potentially complicate the use of your HVAC unit? For one thing, you might want to get your hands on a special air filter called a HEPA filter. It’s particularly good at trapping air contaminants, including pet hair and dander. Even when using higher quality air filters, it’s still best to change them out regularly, especially when you have shedding animals! Luckily, there’s something simple that you can do that will greatly benefit both your pet and your air filters. Brush their coat regularly! Brushing your animal daily allows you to dispose of all that hair that would otherwise be floating in your air! Your pet will feel so much better, and your air filter won’t clog as quickly. You can do all these things, but you’re still going to need HVAC maintenance at least twice a year, so make sure you sign up for it! Both you and your pet will be far more comfortable in your home if you do so!


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