The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do – trade in my old window A/C unit

Let me tell you something here: there’s nothing more difficult for me to do, than to part with something I’ve relied on for years.

When my old pickup truck died on me, and I had to bring it to the car dealership to replace it with something a bit newer, a part of me really missed that old truck for a long time! The same goes with other little appliances and things like that around the house, especially if it has to do with heating and air conditioning.

When my aged portable space heater seemed to have worked for the last time, it felt wrong to just throw the thing in the dumpster. Instead, a friend of mine who was pursuing their certification as an HVAC technician wanted it! He would use the portable space heater as a “study tool”, and take it apart to see if he could repair it and make it usable again. That felt less offensive to my spirit than just junking the thing! The same goes for the portable window A/C unit I had for years and years. When that old window air conditioning unit decided to run one last time before shutting down for good, I was told that I should just replace it. “Don’t bother with repairing those,” my friend and HVAC repair technician-to-be told me. “It’s cheaper to just replace them with a new A/C unit!” Even if that were the case, it felt so wrong to just get rid of the thing, and not even try to repurpose it! Still, that’s just how it is for some things. There’s no shortage of appliances out there that just can’t be used anymore, and that old window A/C unit was one of them.

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