The special heating system at the ski resort

My wife and I stayed at this lovely ski resort that was about eight hours away from where we lived.

We initially decided to go to this resort due to the reviews, and we had not done anything in the snow before this trip.

We weren’t planning to do any extreme sports, or even do much skiing for that matter! We just wanted to stay somewhere that would have plenty of fun bars for us to visit, and other activities to help us relax. That’s why we chose to attend the ski resort more than anything else. When we arrived to our cabin in the resort, we were pretty blown away by the things we had in the room for amenities. Among those features was radiant heated floors! This was the coolest method I’d seen for heating a house before. The radiant heated floors worked using electric cables, which would generate heat under the floor of the cabin. That heat rose up, through the floorboards and into our space. Just like that, the cabin was made far warmer and more comfortable than ever before! The air quality wasn’t negatively affected by the radiant heated floors, either, as the air remained clean and fresh without taking on a new smell. Countless times, I had the furnace turn on at home, and the house would smell like burning rubber for a few minutes. We didn’t have that here! All we had was comforting warmth, and a great weekend of relaxation ahead of us.
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