Adding a/c to the beach house

I’m not so sure what to believe.

It feels as though our nation is so in flux right now that I have no real clue of what is coming next.

I see the politics get unusual but the screws seem to keep getting tighter on us financially. I simply don’t even see a middle class anymore plus that doesn’t seem to worry anybody at all. Every buddy of mine has a side hustle. This is now the norm. We work really hard at our morning task to spend our money for our existence. You guess like turn on the cooling system or something, however if you want anything more you best be hustling for it. You need a new car? That may entail a hour side task. This is getting a bit ridiculous or is it just me? I have break every single thing I am able to from our household budget. Now, our wifey would like myself and others to do with less Heating, Ventilation plus A/C cooling during the winter. It’s so not her fault. She’s just trying to find ways to spend our money for other life needs. This is what all of us do to get by. I suggested that perhaps I could be more proactive toward shaving the utility bill down. It gets costly to cool a condo in the summertime where all of us live. I’m glad to seal the condo up a bit tighter or update the weatherstripping. Heck, I’ll even re-seal the attic to be sure that the whole condo is keeping the treated air inside. However, I am drawing a line at dripping with sweat in our condo while I kneel eating a meal. That just won’t do at all.


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