Don’t be afraid to switch to a zoned heating and cooling system

If you have been following the HVAC world at all, you know that there are a lot of changes. It can seem like it’s confusing, and while it is, you can break it down and learn about the different types of HVAC slowly. Most people have or know about central heating and cooling. A lot of houses have this type of heating and cooling, but more of the new houses are starting to switch to zoned heating and cooling. The best part about zoned heating and cooling is that it saves money. A lot of people that have central heating and cooling have their systems on full blast to try and regulate the temperatures in the house. If you have experience turning on the thermostat to one temperature but feeling like the upstairs is hot and the downstairs is a blast of AC, then you know about the down sides of having central heating and cooling. I didn’t know much about HVAC, but now I understand a lot. I had to get a new HVAC system so I started learning about HVAC slowly, first I learned about the different types of AC units available and then I decided to call my HVAC technician. When I talked to my HVAC technician he told me about zoned heating and cooling. I decided to give it a try because I was having trouble with climate control in my house, I have never been happier with my HVAC system. Not only is my new system much more efficient, but my HVAC bill has dropped a ton!



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