What happens when your pet plays with a skunk?

I recently had an encounter that I don’t suppose I will soon forget.

My pet likes to go outside and run in our yard.

Both of us have a single of those electric fences to help keep him from strolling too far. This time it wasn’t him who had done the strolling, but a curious skunk who was enjoying the trash I forgot to take out to the garbage tote the previous night. I heard my pet barking and he seemed to be chasing what I thought was a cat; It was a skunk that had ripped the trash apart. When my exhausting pet came into the house, I shooed him right back out… When my hubby came apartment he told me he stinked a skunk. I told him there was a skunk everywhere and I realized he had played with the pet on the way in. He stinked almost as bad as out pet. I had the a/c running because the people I was with and I have an media air cleaner in the house to help eliminate the stink. I gave him all of the tomato juice the people I was with and I had and I told him he needed to clean our pet and give me his clothing when he was done. I was wishing I had an media air cleaner to wrap around him, and another media air cleaner for the pet. I wasn’t sure I was going to allow either of them into my home, that was finally stinking fresh and clean because of my a/c. Before he was done destinkizing the pet enough to take him to the vet to have him officially scrubbed, I had gone through twenty cans of tomatoes and I burned his clothing.



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