I thought my basement was going to flood, but then the power came back on

I was so relieved when the sump pump kicked into gear and the HVAC system reengaged

There was a long stretch of time when we didn’t get any sort of rain. Then in the last week, it has been raining non-stop. I don’t know what’s up with the weather, but this is ridiculous. I was talking to my neighbors about it and they agreed that we were either getting too little rain or too much. It was good for the plants and all and the lawn, but now we were starting to get flash flooding. It was raining so much that the sump pump was going non-stop. Then eventually the power went out and we were facing a bit of a nightmare. The thing that really killed me was the fact that it was so humid in the house without the A/C and the dehumidifier working. It was at this time that I wished that I had a backup generator to at least have the sump pump working. I was very concerned that the basement would start to flood. Sure enough, the water level was starting to affect the basement but the main drain was flowing like crazy. Just when I thought the basement was going to flood, that’s when the power finally came back on. I was so relieved when the sump pump kicked into gear and the HVAC system reengaged. Also the dehumidifier was working hard to get the excess humidity out of the air. The air quality improved within the hour. I was really hoping the power wouldn’t go out again, and I swore that I was going to get a nice backup generator after these rainstorms.


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