How much longer can I take the cold air?

When I first started my career six years ago, I started with an entry level position.

Although I was excited about the chance to work for a great corporation, I knew I’d have to work many years before moving up on the totem pole… For the past six years, I’ve worked as hard as I could to be the best at my job.

In fact, my boss saw my efforts and promoted me after my first year of employment. I’ve had a few small raises in between then and now, which makes me feel valued and liked. However, there is one drawback in all of this… The company I work for is expanding, meaning we hire new employees every week. Although I feel secure in my position, my desk has never moved. The desk I first sat down in six years ago is the same desk I’m sitting in now. I sit in a cluster of nine other desks, and I’ve grown to love the people who work alongside me. We have a wonderful view of the city below, and the few of us have been together since the start. However, my desk is located right above a vent in the floor. The air conditioner runs all day long, and it’s chilly! My legs feel the cool air pushing out from the vent, and it’s overwhelming. Each year, I catch a cold from the excess air conditioner. I confronted my boss about how cold it was, however, she says that there’s no more room in the office for me to move. Although I like my job, I just don’t feel how much longer I can endure the cool air.

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