My lucky numbers got me a new HVAC system

I have certain lucky numbers that I see from time to time.

Typically when I see my lucky number and I happen to be at a certain place, I will notice that something lucky is going to happen to me.

One of the first things I can remember when it came to being lucky was being in a car accident. I know that might not seem lucky, but when I was in the accident, I looked at my clock and it showed 4:44. I didn’t know what that meant at the time but I realized there was minimal damage to my Jeep. I still was able to get the insurance claim to fix the Jeep though and they gave me $3,000 to cover the expense. The frame of the Jeep was just fine and it was still perfectly driveable. I decided that I didn’t even have to fix the Jeep and I used the money to buy a new HVAC system in my house. My HVAC system was so old and when I was talking to the HVAC workers, they were telling me that it was a good thing I was getting this done because they didn’t know how much longer the old HVAC was going to last. You see how lucky I was in this situation? This other time, I was at the store and then I saw my lucky numbers again, it was 4:44. I glanced over and I seen there were scratch off lottery tickets for sale. I decided to get 4 of them because the numbers were 4 afterall. I ended up winning $4,000!