Staying toasty while reading my book

I have always been an extreme fan of reading all kinds of books; Even when I am at work, I love to listen to books with my ipod, the type of job I do doesn’t involve dealing with buyers, so I am able to listen to the books plus take care of my task at the same time.

That’s more or less the number one reason why I can tolerate the job to be honest, because I don’t have to know about the job too much.

With that being said, I really enjoy that my place of task has an honestly good temperature control system that keeps everybody comfortable; Back at home, I have my amazing fireplace plus I love to keep the fire going when I break out my books. Most of the time I go to the library as well, then something that I love about the library is their excellent collection of books, their good air quality, and their high quality temperature control settings. Sometimes, I will go over all different genres of books while I am at the library plus start reading a few to see if I prefer the books or not. I don’t mind being there while the air quality is so lovely. The air quality at the library is absolutely better than at home, but they don’t even have a fireplace. There’s no better place for me to learn because the fireplace helps me lock in and zone out plus focus on the book. It’s love the story completely comes to life in my mind plus it’s a good way for me to escape the world for a short period of time

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