Getting my furnace repaired

“I am so sick of dealing with this stupid furnace!!!” I slammed my fist on the good for nothing grey box. My husband looked at me annoyed “Yeah, well try working on the darn thing for hours and it still isn’t working” my husband replied back. He continued in his drenched state, fumbling with the heating system’s inners. “Whatever” I didn’t care, I was just so tired of the dumb thing, it could explode and we would probably be better off. My husband did have some experience in HVAC, but it was a long time ago, and his memory was fading. So he was struggling to fix it, it was below zero outside and I am pissed. I threw my hands up in the air “Why don’t we just call an HVAC supplier already?!” My husband only grunted “You know we can’t afford that, we can get this fix, but sacrifice our dinner while we’re at it” I plopped down on my old broken glider. He was right, we really couldn’t afford this, otherwise we would be going without food and basic necessities. There had to be a way, I’m tired of being wrapped up in several layers and still shivering. I couldn’t even go outside anymore, since we lack the proper clothing. I got up and searched on my mobile phone, seeing if there was anyway we could afford it. I noticed one particular HVAC corporation was having a deal, a reduced price for checking heating systems. I perked up at this, and showed my husband. He too, was interested. We call the company and asked about their deal, and today was the final day for the deal. We made a choice to take the reduced price, and have a heating technician come out and do a furnace repair.

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