Getting my house installed with a different air conditioner

For a long period of time, the little window air conditioner we had was enough for my very small house.

It could be annoying sometimes huddling around the little window AC, but it worked for our little home.

When I received a bonus at my job, I decided to upgrade our house’s heating and cooling system. No more huddling for this family! I decided to do some research into some HVAC businesses, before I made my decision. So, I called different HVAC companies to get a quote and compare. I eventually settled on a local business that had great prices and a friendly attitude. The HVAC professional came over the next day, and began to work. It didn’t take too long to complete and when he was done I noticed almost instantly how cool the house felt. It was such a strange feeling, I was so used to dealing with the warmth of the house, and if I wanted to cool down, I would have to go into the a/c room. But now, the entire house felt cool no matter where I was! I knew I was going to like this change, and after I thanked the HVAC workman, I lounged on my couch, enjoying the cool feeling. I had my money well spent, and I went ahead and left a good review for the company online. I also decided to text my sister about the business since I remembered she was having difficulty with her furnace. Another great thing about my new cooling unit, was that I didn’t have to run it nearly as long since it cooled my house much faster.



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