Resorting to the attic for the little heat that remained

When the cold winter weather rolls through the area, I always have to find the most clever and unique methods to keep myself warm.

It’s not easy, as my house certainly wasn’t built to accommodate the cold! See, my house is very small, with thin walls and cramped rooms.

However, the attic space is very tall with an “A” frame design. During the summer, the attic turns into my own personal sauna! I could go up there and it’s like having several furnaces running at once. I love it, especially as a way to help me cut down on bodyfat over the summer. However, the winter weather is less enjoyable. I usually have to flee up into the attic just to enjoy the heat that’s remaining from the summer! I told a friend of mine about this issue that I’ve had with the heating in my home, and he’s suggested that I reach out to a heating, ventilation and air conditioning repair technician to get my furnace fixed. While I do have a small electric furnace, it has been broken for quite some time. I just never got around to fixing it up! Anyhow, I think I’ll have no choice but to take my friends advice soon enough. With the cold weather coming in a matter of weeks, I know that I can’t skate through another winter using portable space heaters. While the newer models of portable space heaters are far nicer and safer, I’d rather not take that risk!


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