AC season

My partner is always asking me how I personally assume it is time to turn on the air conditioner. My pat answer is simply to always tell him that I assume it is time for the air conditioner to be turned on because I am too hot. He just doesn’t know how that is a fantastic enough answer. He wants it to be at least ninety degrees outside before we turn on the air conditioner in our house. Unless it stays in the eighties at night or if the humidity level is over 90% then possibly he will leave the air conditioner on at night. I tell him he is pervasively cheap however he tells me that he is being frugal. I have often stopped and wondered what the difference between cheap plus frugal is, except I can only figure maybe it is the same as being eccentric or crazy. If you are rich, you are eccentric plus if you are poor then you are just plain crazy and unwanted. Last week, I asked him if he could please turn the heating for the family on plus he asked me why I wanted the heat on. I told him that I was freezing cold plus if I didn’t get some heat I was going to move out and transfer in with our kid. He started to laugh at me when I said that. He told me it would drive me totally absurd if I had to transfer in with our kid. Still, he went downstairs plus turned on the gas furnace so that I had some heat.


Air conditioning system