Boiler proves to be the ideal heater

When my wife and I found the perfect new house, it was equipped with a boiler.

I wasn’t overly thrilled with it.

Everything else about our new house was perfect, but I wasn’t sure about the boiler. I’d always thought that boilers were loud, dirty and a lot of maintenance. Since the boiler was quite ancient, I figured it would fail and we’d be able to replace it. After spending one winter in the house, I totally reversed my opinion. I now think a boiler is the best type of heater on the market. The only negative is that there is no option for cooling. Because I live in the northeast, where the weather is typically snowy and cold, we aren’t worried about air conditioning. We depend on the heating system to handle temperatures down to twenty degrees below zero. It needs to operate consistently for more than half the year. The boiler easily keeps up with demand and offers a very gentle and consistent comfort. There’s no drafts and the system runs silently. It requires only yearly upkeep. The boiler is a closed system and uses water to convey heat energy. It doesn’t spread dust or other contaminants into the indoor air. The house stays clean and there’s no concern over degraded indoor air quality. Plus, the boiler is offers all sorts of flexibility. It can provide for baseboard heaters, radiators as well as radiant flooring. We use baseboard heaters in most of the rooms. We recently remodeled the bedrooms and bathrooms and installed radiant flooring. There is nothing quite like stepping barefoot onto a toasty warm floor on a winter morning.



HVAC technician